Services offered by Alpha Capital

1. Accidental, emergency, medical cover

  • Guaranteed hospital admittance in case of any type of accident.
  • Emergency evacuation (all services)
  • R100 000 guaranteed acceptance in all hospitals.
  • Hospitalization R1000 per day up to 90 days.
  • Liaison with next of kin to keep them informed.
  • Life support equipment R25 000 cover.
  • Worldwide coverage ,  24/7, 365 international SOS.
  • Many other benefits: transportation, trauma counseling, repatriation cost, panic button, permanent disability, crime extension benefit, ETC.

2. Funeral cover

  • Individual cover.
  • Death as a result of accident of illness.
  • Family cover.
  • R15 000 funeral cover – accidental death.

3. Bank card – visa debit card

  • Opening of bank accounts.
  • Primary and secondary bank cards.
  • Money transfer.
  • Employer/payroll.

4. Sim-Sonke


  • SIM-SONKE is a Telkom Mobile per second prepaid tariff plan available from us.
  • Starter pack at R10 each includes R10 airtime.


Can I port fromanother network to Telkom Mobile's SIM-SOMKE?

  • Yes

Can I use the SIM-SONKE SIM card anywhare in South Africa?

  • Yes

How much do I pay on the SIM-SOMKE plan?

  • You pay 29 cents per minute for calles to any Telkom Mobile number, billed per second.
  • 5-20 free SMS's for recharges- you'll alos qualify for free night calls from your SIM-SONKE numberto another Telkom Mobile number. 7pm to 7am.
Can I buydata bundles on SIM-SONKE? 
  • Yes
Can I buy SMS / MMS bundles on SIM-SONKE?
  • Yes
Can I buy Blackberry Internet Services and Blackberry Social & Email Plan to use on SIM-SONKE?
  • Yes
Can I do i SIM swap on SIM-SONKE?
  • Yes
Can I make international callswith SIM-SONKE?
  • Yes

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