Cash card

1. A banking product designed to serve majority of  the unbanked.

2. Minimal FICA requirements.

  • Low cost banking facility.
  • Operationally simple.

3. An opportunity to carry less, if any cash.

  • Leads to reduced cash crime.
  • Enhances a culture of saving.
  • Makes everyone’s life easier.

4. What is the diamond cash card?

  • A banking product that can be used at any ATM or Point of sale device worldwide.
  • You pay commission, expenses or gratuities are paid onto the card.
  • Carry less cash –less risk.
  • Minimal requirements.
  • Low cost banking.
  • Prepaid card with no debit issues – you can only spend what you have.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can link a 2nd card to your card for family in remote African locations.

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